Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I'm back, and better than before :)

The year I was 21;

I was diagnosed with Celiacs.
Traveled to 8 countries.
Started 2 new careers.
Switched schools.
Switched majors.
Switched states.
Broke up.
And started all over.

On August 20th I turned 22.

I can only imagine what this year will hold,
and I'm excited to find out.

Ready to start a new journey as a new 22 year old :).


fledgling said...

it's a new dawn! it's a new day!

live on girl! and hold that head high!

maxwell conrad


.sarah .brown said...

Thanks :)

Emily Sue said...

sorry that i'm blowing up your page with comments. you left a comment on an older blog of mine and i am just now getting around to checking yours out. i'm sure that in this blogging world that's probably really rude - so sorry!

my sister has celiacs. it's so tough. if you ever want any tips, though i'm sure you have it all down, let me know! i hope the "starting over" is going well! fresh starts are always wonderful, scary and beautiful. enjoy it!