Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Erlangen, Gemany

Going back and visiting;
Where my childood took place.
And my memories began.

My childood home.

I can only hope to have this kind of love at that age.

Childhood neighbors and now grown up friends.

Oh, the power of letter writing.
Keeping friendships alive for years and years.


Clare said...

Beautiful photos.

tweet tweet tweet


Mirrors don't talk said...

Nice pictures of your childhood

Josie said...

These photos are GORGEOUS -- I visited Germany a few years ago and absolutely loved it. So pretty.
xxoo Josie

Maria said...

The happy face photo is beyond adorable! & wow, prior to internet usage & facebook I used to keep in touch with childhood friends via letters when I was in elementary! SO cute*

Maria from *Charmed She's Sure*