Thursday, March 4, 2010

I Love This Class

Every Tuesday and Thursday I look forward to this one particular class because it has so many interesting fashion choices.
I love that everyone has their own unique style and self expression.

Julie got the FABULOUS sweater at Wal-Mart!

Love, love Stephanie's boots, a gift from her grandmother.

From his vest to his boots, Daniel's pieces never cease to amaze and inspire me.


Clare said...

It's nice to see people's friends and their fashion, good post!



Natalie said...

cool! he is so stylish!

Josie said...

I should absolutely have done this last semester -- I took a Fashion in Film seminar and everyone was so insanely well-dressed all the time!
xxoo Josie

SARAH...brown said...

Oh, i bet those student's outfits would have been so interesting! i love doing this, becuase almost everyone i photograph i've never talked to before ;) it's really pushing me out of my comfort zone.

Natalie Charlotte Turner said...

That guy sure has style :)

nice blog!