Sunday, February 21, 2010

Lemme just say...

Before I get back to the traveling pictures....
and while it's still New York Fashion Week...

I had to share this awesome outfit I put together at the last minute, seriosuly.
And the price I paid for's just too good not to share!

This outifit wasn't planned at all - but I love how it turned out!
Doesn't that always seem to happen?! ;)

Every item - under $5 : D 
Now that's how I shop.

Black and White Blazer - Goodwill, $3
Purple Dress Shirt - Wal-Mart, $3
Black Skirt - Kohls, $5
Black Tights - CVS Drug Store, $3
Black Boots - Gift from my mum
Purple Heels - Goodwill - $4
Black and White Belt - My grandmother's (real vintage right there)
White Bangle - Claire's, .50 cents


Josie said...

This looks super cute on you! I LOVE the belt; so flattering.
xxoo Josie

ZEUS said...

cute look and soo afforable! good job...