Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Leeds, England

The 7 pound ($14) lunch. Insanely expensive.


Beka said...

Sarah, I want a huge print of that first London pic, if you find a website that will do it, I will pay you for it.. seriously, its amazing. you have my number.. I'm thinking of just buying YOU, and making you take all my pictures for me ;-)

Beka said...

I mean "Leeds", not london, stupid american, everything in England is London.. haha

SARAH...brown said...

Haha ;) The one of the cafe? I have the original copy and can send it to you if you really want it. If you take it to any photo store, they can print it any size you want. I know site online do too, but you might have to pay for shipping. I don't know. But yea, if you want, I can send it to you no problem :)